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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Tonight’s Great British Bake Off

Tonight is the highly anticipated return of the Great British Bake Off – We literally cannot wait! Here we have 10 reasons why you should watch tonight’s GBBO!

1 – Mary Berry

As far as little old ladies go, Mary Berry is the best.  We all know a lady like Mary Berry. She’s just like Britain’s favourite nana.

2 – Amazing food

Every time the contestants bake, we can’t stop our stomachs from rumbling! delicious food is the key ingredient of GBBO and it never fails to impress.

3 – Soggy Bottoms

Whenever we hear the words ‘soggy bottom’ we just know that the contestant’s stint on the show is doomed! Despite this, we just love hearing those two words! We wonder who will be counting how many times it is said in tonight’s episode…

4 – Mel & Sue

The presenters of the Great British Bake Off are probably our favourite part of the entire show. We just know that one show will see enough puns to last us a lifetime.

5 – Six words.. “On Your Marks.. Get Set.. Bake!”

We’ve grown fond of this catchphrase and wait for it to be said in every episode!

6- Fashion!

No,we don’t mean Paul Hollywood’s checkered shirts, we’re talking about the Queen of the Bake Off – Mary Berry. Every episode we end up Googling where we can find Mary Berry’s latest outfit or accessories.  We also end up raiding our nana’s wardrobes!

7 – Cooking Fails

Yes, we have a sick sense of humour, but let’s face it, none of us can help but laugh when someone mixes up the salt and the sugar or drops the top tier of their cake.

8 – The Countdown to Christmas is ON!

We always associate two shows with Christmas – The X Factor and The Great British Bake Off.  Both shows start at similar times of the year and both finish near to Christmas. We love seeing some festive baking!

9 – Oven Watching

Watching the oven is a typical trait of a Bake Off contestant. Opening and closing the door, poking and prodding. We guarantee within 20 minutes of the show starting someone will be sitting on the floor watching through the glass door.

10 – Paul Hollwood

Need we say more?

Let us know if you’re watching GBBO by leaving us comments below or feel free to tweet us @underxmastree – we do love a bit of a Bake Off blether!

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