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10 Ways to get into the Christmas Spirit Early

With all the hustle and bustle of the festive season it can be more difficult for you to find ways to get into the Christmas Spirit, when you hear Wizzard in the background yelling out ‘I Wish it could be christmas everyday’ you can’t help but think you could see it far enough.

Although it’s only August we don’t care! We want to start getting everyone into Christmas mode so come the time you can enjoy the whole festive fun with family and friends and not have to think about everything piling on top of you.

Let’s get your merri-meter full!

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Here are 10 Ways to get into the Christmas Spirit:

1.  Get your iPod and start putting on the odd Christmas carol. We guarantee once Shakin Stevens starts you won’t be able to turn him off!

2.  Stick on a Christmas film.  The sun may be blazing, however the nights are starting to get dark, so once a month sit the family down and put on a Christmas movie.  Yes you don’t want the kids to start getting to excited way to early but it will put that magical feeling back in your belly.


3.  Homemade Decorations.   Head to Amazon.co.uk, buy some crafts and start making your very own homemade christmas decorations including cards, tree decorations and a wreath. Put them in a nicely decorated box and store away until nearer the time.   You will be able to relax knowing your decorations are done.

4.  Get your Christmas budget sorted.  Always a biggie but start seeing what you can afford to put away now to pay for all those Christmas gifts, food and decorations.

5.  Make a to do list.   For example:

  • Make groceries list
  • Have presents bought by 3rd December
  • Have pastry read and frozen by November

6.  Start buying the odd present and wrapping.  Not only are the sales on and you could pick up a real bargain but if you wrap the present now in old christmas paper come November when you do want to re-wrap it’s like unwrapping new parcels as you will forget what you have bought.

7.  Prepare your Christmas recipes.   Another fantastic way is to get into the kitchen and start perfecting your Christmas recipes, test out those mince pies, and even start your own recipe book and write down everything you will need and want come nearer the time.  This is just really any excuse to eat extra mince pie’s.


8.   Plan your holidays.   Get into work and book your Christmas holidays, it’s always great to have something to look forward to.

9.  Get the house in order.  Do you like to paint the house or move it around before Winter? Get these jobs done now so you won’t have to think about it nearer the time.

Tip: Why not buy a Christmas scented candle from Yankee Candles collection such as Christmas Memories (rrp £19) and fill your house with the delightful smell and think of last years big day

10.  Be happy, smile, sing cheesy songs and deck those halls with merriment and cheer.

Pressure can be piled on as there is lots to prepare before the main event – Christmas decorations, the cake, present buying and the list goes on.

UnderTheChristmasTree  hope these small moves will have you ready and in the mood for a glass of sherry, a piece of Christmas cake and festive songs blaring out through your windows – the neighbour might think you are slightly crazy but who cares – Let’s get Christmafied!

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