10 Ways to keep the kids busy over the summer

We know how hard it is too keep the kids busy over the school holidays especially with the weather being well… British! with rain, rain and more rain children will be finding it hard to keep themselves busy and entertained and out of the road of busy mums!

Below we have put together a list of top 10 fun activities that your kids and the whole family can get involved with.

Everything from baking to Gala days out you can run off all of that energy out of your little ones and even be pretty tired yourself at the end of the day.  Check out our list below:

1 – Get the kids into the Kitchen

Baking muffins, creating a brightly coloured salad or even getting their fingers messy with some chocolate and sprinkles is a great idea to get children into cooking. Not only will it teach them how to follow a recipe (even if your the one who’s really doing it), but they can help get out ingredients while getting a little messy – its all part of the fun!

Especially around tea time when children can become bored and hungry you can get them into the kitchen and help you with the dinner for example:

  • If there is a salad to be put into a bowl ask your child to help you create a face with lettuce for the face, tomatoes for the eyes and even some grated carrot for the mouth

We might just ask the boss if we can try this in the office! For baking recipes with the kids check out

2 – Write a story

While you are trying to get on with what needs to be done around the house or even work the rain does not help as this means your child cannot go out to play. However getting them to sit at a table and write their very own story can not only let you get on but will get their imagination flowing and keep them busy for quite sometime.

Why not if you have time get your little one to read you the story and then later (once spelling mistakes are corrected) let them read this to the rest of the family and even friends.

3 – Create a fortress

This is certainly one idea which even though older we would still take part in. Even when we were younger creating your very own fortress whilst hiding inside it eating food was always so much fun especially when friends come round. All you need is some sheets, towels and some pegs to get you started on what will become of their biggest adventures of all time!

4 – Going out to Gala days

As you may have noticed the weather isn’t exactly the best but with forecaster’s announcing better weather is on its way (keep your fingers crossed) why not go to a free gala day. These sort of event are brilliant for not only running off all that energy but are usually free or are only a small charge.

5 – Get the kids into Gardening!
If you are out in the garden and already your little one is getting a little bored get him/her to plant their very own plant, flower or even herb.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a very big garden as you could use a window box or small pot to do this in. Not only will this keep them active but you may even get some nice herbs out of it too!

6 – Ready…Set..Go!

Sport is another fantastic way to keep your little ones run ragged no matter what the weather! You could take them to a local sports club, play out in the back garden or even play musical chairs in the house.

Why not create your own mini Olympics especially if their friends come round, get creating a mascot and have some cup of orange at the ready. You can find out ideas for more London¬† Olympic children’s games here:

7 – Arts and Craft

Always a good way to get glitter involved however this might end up a little messy! Get some paper, cut out shapes and have some glue and glitter waiting. Your little ones imagination will run wild but please don’t forget to keep small parts out of toddlers ways.

8 – Let’s go exploring!
Chuck on your welly’s and head to the nearest ruin you can find! Children love to run about and make up story’s and what better way than to go to your local castles, ruins or even museum’s. Whats more they can learn about local history and as they will be up and down stairs or hills its great for keeping them fit.

9 – Scavenger Hunt

Another budget friendly way when a party is on or even if your little one is on their own a scavenger hunt. Hide objects/notes around the house given clues to where they can find the next clue and at the end they will find a small reward such as toys, chocolate or even a token to choose what film they would like to watch tomorrow.

10 – Dress Up
Always a winner but dressing up really is fun – we already thinking pirates! You could use old tea towels, clothes and object which are around the house to let them dress up in. Get a pack of face paints and make them a pirate, lion or even butterfly!

Why not have a dress-up party where all of their friends dress up in their favourite movie/TV characters and bring along specific treats to match the outfits (we know parents will have to make these but it would help spread the cost of a buffet).

These top 10 ideas for over the holidays no matter what the weather are just a few ways on how to have some weather free, budget fun time.

Already we are feeling slightly jealous of all the games and fun children can have this summer holiday! – we are sitting wondering if the boss would mind us dressing up as pirates, creating a fortress and doing our work from under it while eating a little buffet? …we could always try!

We would love to read what your ideas are for over the holidays and what you thought of our ideas. You can post a comment below.

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