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12 Fun Reasons Why Easter and Christmas Are Both Alike

From over-indulging in chocolates to Easter decorations including trees and wreaths, here we explore how Easter is now very similar to Christmas!

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Christmas and Easter have a whole lot in common not to mention overindulging in chocolate and it seems the day most people celebrate the resurrection of Christ has turned into Christmas number 2.

Even though there would be no Christmas without Easter, we take a fun look at what both have in common!

Chocolate, Chocolate and even more Chocolate: Xmas it’s selection boxes (which are scoffed within minutes) Easter is all about the egg – white, milk, dark or flavoured it won’t matter as it’s likely breakfast will start with one of them! Panettone and novelty chocolates are also hitting the shelves come Easter, which we like to think is a Christmas nod.

Family: Both celebrations will see family and friends gather either around the table, rolling eggs, church or simply handing out Easter gifts.

Time Off: The UK will all get time off just as they do at Christmas to celebrate Easter.

Television Specials: Both Carols at King’s and Songs of Praise (just like Christmas) will be filling our television screens and radio, plus there will be loads of TV specials on too.

Fancy Dress: When it comes to December we see hundreds of people all in fancy dress including Santa, Elves and more.  At Easter, we will see the Easter bunny hopping around communities.

Religion: As you may already know both celebrations have important meanings and both celebrate Jesus Christ.

Gift Giving: While Christmas is perhaps more widely known for gift-giving, Easter also involves the exchange of gifts in many cultures. Whether it’s small tokens of appreciation, Easter baskets filled with goodies, or chocolate eggs, giving gifts is a common Easter tradition.

Decorations: Just like Christmas, Easter also has its own set of decorations, and they’re pretty decent too! While Christmas trees are iconic for the holiday season, Easter often sees the use of Easter trees adorned with colourful eggs, ribbons, and other festive ornaments. UK retailers including Aldi, John Lewis, Tesco and M&S will fill it shelves full of Easter wreaths, baubles, crackers, cards and even novelty wear, we just wish it was Christmas jumpers!

Spirit of Giving and Joy: Both Easter and Christmas are characterized by a spirit of giving, joy, and renewal. Whether it’s the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection or the joy of spending time with loved ones, these holidays bring a sense of hope and happiness to people around the world.

Alarm Bells Ready: Once October hits, Christmas flies onto the shelves as soon as January comes Easter eggs are filling the shops.

The Weather: Surprisingly both holidays are likely to be cold with snow showers, yes even in March because the earlier Easter is the more likely it is.

Events: Christmas markets, fairs and pantomimes all appear in November/December and in March many places hold Easter egg hunts and fun festivals.

Can you think of any other Fun ways Easter and Christmas are both alike? Please share them below as we would love to hear from you!

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  1. Agnetha K.
    February 24, 2018 / 9:38 pm

    Christmas gifts are not supposed to be opened before Christmas Day and Easter eggs are not supposed to be opened before Easter Day.

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