Struggling to find the perfect gift for your 13 year old? They are at an age where they don’t want kids toys and trying to find out what they want can be a nightmare! So what do you buy a 13 year old? There’s lots of different things that you can get a 13 year old these days from a Xbox to a set of the latest hair straighteners. Here is where you will find a range of different ideas of what you can get for someone this age.

13 year olds are no longer children, they are teenagers! (sound the alarms!) and as such they find different things entertaining. Before, they would have enjoyed playing with games and now they may prefer gadgets and games consoles.

For example, Girls might be more interested in hair and beauty gadgets and boys might be interested in Lego, car racing and flying helicopters.

At thirteen years old, it is likely your child will be at secondary school and you may find your house being invaded by their friends to come and play xbox or to talk about school. It can be a daunting task trying to find out what a 13 year old wants, you may feel like your ‘out of touch’ and need to know what’s ‘in’ right now but in reality, buying for a teenager isn’t all that difficult!

Here are five handy tips for buying for your teenager.

Tip 1 – Listen! its more than likely that your teenager will drop hints or be outright about what they want for Christmas. Some parents find it displeasing to buy whatever their teenager says they want, but say they ask for a mobile phone then it is up to you which mobile phone.

Tip 2 – If you have doubts about the suitability of a gift, do some research. Basically if your child really wants a mobile phone, but you have doubts about monitoring it and making sure its safe for your teenager to use, then go and do some research. You will find hundreds of like minded parents out there with the same dilemma.

Tip 3 – Think Back! think back to what you enjoyed doing as a teenager. We enjoyed our social lives and getting to see our friends at school 5 days a week. Because your children may love being social and interaction, maybe a laptop is a good idea, or, as we mentioned earlier, a mobile phone. Laptops are great as they also come in very handy for schoolwork. If your teenager is creative, maybe a camera will allow them to explore their creativity.

Tip 4 – Keep them close to home! A great gift for teenagers is a game. A game they can play with you and their siblings. Being a teenager doesn’t stop you from being close to your family but it can change your priorities. Show them that they can have a good time at home.

Finally, Tip 5 – Read the box! If you are going to buy something, make sure you read the box and check which age the gift is recommended for. Companies spend thousands of pounds when they make a product on testing to ensure they find the appropriate age group, so take advantage of their hard work and always check the box, chances are you wont go far wrong using this tip alone!

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