1980’s Christmas Adverts

woolworthsI’m sure most of us reading this today will remember what televisions  looked like before they were flat screen? or wide screen for that matter? Televisions during the 1980’s were big, bulky and so very popular.

Another thing that looks completely different to today is the quality and special effects of the adverts.  Today we use special effects and high quality editing programmes to make our adverts seamless, however ‘back in the day’ there were limited editing facilities and picture qualitywas quite poor, making many television adverts look  quite false.  At the time though, these were thought to be high quality and people ooh’d and ahh’d at the latest technology as it developed over the years.

The most popular Christmas advert was from Boots.  The high street retailer was popular throughout the 80’s and  released several Christmas advertisements.

In the advert, we see a whole host of different toys and games that children were looking forward to (hopefully) receiving on Christmas Day. Dolls, board games, books and even cameras.

Another high street retailer that released Christmas adverts was of course everyone’s favourite shop – Woolworths.

The advert shows gifts such as music cassettes and dolls which excite the kids and is full of Christmas cheer. The advertisement is from 1981 and epitomizes everything that is Christmas.

We’ve had loads of fun browsing the internet to find Christmas adverts from the 80’s and have loved every minute as we reminisced about  ‘old-school’ gifts and music.

Do you remember any particular Christmas adverts from the 80’s? If you do, let us know in the comments below or feel free to tweet us @underxmastree

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