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24 Hours Of Phillip Schofield?

It’s that time of year again where Text Santa returns to our screens to raise money for Charity. The actual Text Santa event is not until December 19th, however, today, Phillip Schofield is helping to raise funds by broadcasting live on ITV for 24 hours.

24 hours of Phillip Schofield? Sounds good to us!

Best known for his role on ITV’s “This Morning”,  Phillip recently revealed in an interview with The Mirror that he has never been on live television for any longer than 8 hours which was for the Royal Wedding.

“The longest I’ve been on telly before is eight hours and that was for the Royal Wedding [between William and Kate].  I don’t think there’s anything that I’ve done already that will help me on the day.  Although my theory is that if something goes wrong you just have to laugh about it – unless it’s inappropriate, of course. Let’s face it, over the course of 24 hours something is bound to go wrong at some point.”

Schofe also revealed that eating, makeup and bathroom breaks have all been arranged, with his makeup artist & wardrobe staying with him for the full 24 hours, bathroom breaks will be in advert breaks and eating food, will be incorporated into the show as he told the Mirror;-

“I usually have three slices of toast in the morning and that lasts me until the evening because I have such a tiny appetite.  But while chatting to someone, I can always fry up an omelette, and we have a big curry challenge organised, so that should keep me going.”

One thing is for sure, the day is set to be an entertaining one and we can only hope will prove to be a huge success for Text Santa. For more information about Text Santa or to donate, click here.

Will you be watching Philip Schofield’s 24 hour broadcasting for Text Santa? Comment below and let us know.

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