30 Reasons to Look Forward to Winter

Does the thought of winter arriving make you feel down?  Then heat up some mulled wine and take a look below at the 30+ reasons why we love winter, we’re sure you’ll find a few reasons to smile.

  • Chilled drinks from the freezer get replaced with creamy, frothy, hot chocolate topped with marshmallows.

hot chocolate and marshmallow

  • Wrapping up in thick scarves, woolly hats and knitted socks.
  • Radio stations start to play Christmas carols and Santa’s a Scotsman can be heard blasting out from Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2.
  • We can wear our Christmas jumpers without feeling stupid.

rudolph christmas jumper

  • It’s time for fluffy pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers, a perfect outfit to go with a creamy hot chocolate and the latest 50 shades of grey.
  • A good night’s sleep- who can get a proper night’s sleep when it’s nearly always daylight!
  • It’s switch on time – not the christmas lights – the electric blanket.
  • We can forget the diet, now it’s all about comfort food, stews and pies and apple crumble and custard – drool!
  • Winter is no time for salad and the barbecue is a thing of the past – now it’s time to get together with friends around a roaring fire
  • Thick tights are the order of the day – no need to shave your legs every day.
  • SNOW!

cat -snow

  • It’s OK to splurge on a new winter coat – last year’s just won’t do.
  • Knowing you’re not the only one who doesn’t suit hats.
  • No more wasps or midges – you can start your Christmas shopping on the money you’ll save by not buying fly/wasp spray.
  • The grass doesn’t need cut.
  • You can go sledging with the kids.

snowman toboganning

  • X-factor and Strictly come Dancing are back on the TV.
  • Making a snowman.
  • Our frizzy humidity hair is tamed.
  • A steaming bowl of thick home made soup.
  • Everbody’s garden looks the same when it snows.
  • Winter smells – cinnamon scented candles, pine logs crackling on an open fire.

cinnamon candles

  • Kids are on their best behaviour just in case Santa’s checking his naughty and nice list.
  • ‘Look out he’s behind you’ — yeah! it’s Panto season.
  • Miracle on 34th Street is on the TV
  • Cliff’s singing Mistletoe and Wine – again.  OK, so it wouldn’t be the same without it
  • Flashing earrings are back in the shops – you just can’t beat a bit of class at Christmas!
  • Snowball fights with the neighbours, it’s time to show them who’s top dog – snowballs loaded and ready to fire as soon as somebody comes through the door.
  • Hot mulled wine.

glass mulled wine

  • Walking in the snow
  • The town’s Christmas lights switch on
  • School nativity plays
  • CHRISTMAS! CHRISTMAS! CHRISTMAS!…. Did we mention CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What makes you love winter?

Get in touch below and tell us what makes it special for you – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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