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4 Best Artificial Christmas Trees – Tried & Tested 2018!

At Christmas only the best tree will do which is why we’ve handpicked, tried and tested 4 of our favourites for the festive season which we were kindly sent.

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It’s that time of year again where browsing through the copious amounts of Christmas Trees can become overwhelming, which is why we thought we’d give you a selection of our favourite Christmas Trees for 2018.

Let’s get started….


Image credit: Studio

As much as we love battling with the Christmas lights every year (Can you hear our eyes rolling?) we can’t help but enjoy the simplicity of a pre lit tree. This one from Studio is a WOW BUY and is reduced from £99.99 to £39.99. Standing at 6ft tall, this is lit with 220 fibre optic tips. Available in three colour varieties – Black, White & Green, this tree is versatile enough to stand out from the crowds. The beauty of this tree is that because it already has decorations on it, you needn’t add any other decorations, however should you choose to be as ‘extra’ as us here at UTCT, you can add some of your own favourite decorations to give this a fuller look.

Holly from UTCT HQ chose this one as her favourite.

“I like collecting little decorations throughout December yet I’m always in such a hurry to put my tree up which makes it look somewhat ‘bare’ until I’ve accumulated the little decorations. Because this is fibre optic and has little decorations on it, I can put this up and add to it when I’m ready without it looking bare!”

To buy the Studio 6ft Fibre Optic Star & Bauble Tree, click here.


Image credit: Internet Gardeners

As much as we enjoy the ease of a pre lit tree, sometimes a simple tree is the perfect blank canvas for our festive imaginations. The Internet Gardeners Alberta tree stands at 8ft tall and is slimline making it ideal for small spaces or for those of us who don’t like the Christmas Tree to take over the entire room. This has a whopping 966 tips and is inspired by alpine trees making it look ‘natural’ at the same time as being the centrepiece of your home.

Mandy at UTCT HQ says she has plans to fit this on the platform of her staircase.

“I have a twisty staircase with a platform that I usually place lanterns & LED candles on at Christmas, but this one from the Internet Gardener is slimline enough to place on the platform without taking over the staircase which will make my home look much more festive!”

This is currently reduced from £79.99 to £34.45 which we are sure you will agree, is a huge savings.

To buy the Internet Gardener Alberta Slim 8ft Artificial Tree, click here.


Image credit: Christmas Tree World

This is as close to a ‘real’ looking tree as it gets! The Ultra Devonshire Fir Pre Lit Tree comes complete with colour changing LED lights which can change from ice white to warm white (or a mix of the two!) at the press of a button. There are 8 different modes available for lighting the tree (twinkling, chaser, static etc) which can be adjusted with the press of a button. With 1063 tips and 450 hand strung lights, this is a luxurious Christmas Tree that will fit in perfectly in your home.

It’s fair to say that everyone at UTCT HQ loved this tree, so we’ve snagged it for using in the office foyer! John said:

“If ever there was an artificial tree that looked identical to a ‘real’ tree, this is it. It’s bushy and jam packed full of tiny LED lights that can be adjusted with the press of a button. Each branch is ‘fluffy’ enough to look natural and filled with all of our favourite baubles, this will look brilliant at UTCT HQ! The fact that it’s pre lit means we needn’t wrestle with the lights when it comes to packing it away either – bonus!”

For more information and to buy the Christmas tree world Ultra Devonshire 6ft pre lit tree, click here.


Image credit: Wilko

Another Pre-lit tree to add to our Christmas Tree roundup is the Wilko 6ft Prelit green Christmas Tree. This tree is adorned with 120 warm white LED lights which plugs into the mains.  This tree is the ideal tree for small spaces as it’s not overly bushy, however, filled with your favourite decorations is easily filled out if that’s the kind of look you hope to achieve.

Mandy from UTCT HQ picked this one as her favourite.

“I like everything to be simple, so a prelit tree that I can add to really works for me. I like to change up the decorating style of my home each year so the fact that this is the type of tree that gives me a blank canvas to work with is ideal. I also have quite a small space for a Christmas Tree so making the most of that space is important. I love how pretty the lights are and I don’t need to worry about detangling them when I’m packing it away.”

For more information and to buy the Wilko 6ft Prelit Green Christmas Tree, click here.

Here you can see Holly having a jolly good time reviewing the Christmas Tree’s.

So there you have all of our favourite Christmas trees for 2018! We have something to suit every budget and requirement.

(please note these were sent to us for review however ALL opinions are our own and affiliate links have been used)

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