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5 Cold-Weather Clothing-Inspired Gift Ideas for the Special Guy in Your Life

The holiday season is meant to be a time of year when you gather with friends and family, share special moments, make new memories and finish off the year with a bang. It’s also the time of year when the stress of gift-giving can weigh on you as it can be so hard to find that perfect gift. Guys can be especially difficult to buy for, as they don’t always talk about items they want or get excited about them. Sometimes it can be easier to pick a concept or theme and purchase items based on that.

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With that in mind, we’ve got five cold-weather clothing-inspired gift ideas that are just perfect for the man in your life. Purchase just one, or buy every item on the list — either way, you’ll be helping him to prepare for the winter season ahead.

Winter Coats Can Be Warm and Look Great

Where it used to be that function was the only focus for winter outerwear, designers today have realised that people want to feel warm while looking fashionable. There is no reason why the two can’t coexist. So, what better way to keep the special guy in your life warm and toasty outdoors than with a high-fashion winter coat that showcases some of the trendiest elements of the season?

Take a look at designs from names like Moncler, which embraces the use of bright colours, high-quality materials and the hottest styles on the runway right now. You can shop the full collection here.

In terms of what styles are the hottest for winter 2022/23, that would be the puffer style jacket made with down. While these tend to have a more casual vibe to them, it doesn’t mean they can’t be paired with more dressy outfits. The biggest decision you’ll need to make is what length of the coat is best.

Chunky Sweaters are Having a Huge Moment

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Sweaters are one of those fashion items that never really leave the scene entirely; instead, they go through years where they are more popular than others. For the 2022/23 winter season, it’s all about the chunky, almost tacky but tasteful sweater. Think heavy, thick and loud patterns and designs. When paired with a great pair of denim, sweats or casual pants, these sweaters will look ultra-fashionable.

While there is nothing wrong with neutral and basic colours, it’s the brighter tones that have appeared on runways. So, you can gauge how fashion-forward of a purchase you want to make, and factor in his style choices and what you can picture him liking.

Sweaters Aren’t His Thing – How About a Vest?

Not everyone enjoys wearing sweaters as some find them too bulky or hot. If that sounds familiar, then maybe the man in your life may prefer a vest. No, vests aren’t just for the older men in your life as they have a fresh new modern look to them. There are traditional vests that you zip or button up as well as sleeveless waistcoats and sweater vests. Don’t shy away from interesting materials such as wool, cashmere, cotton and leather, as each fabric feels and hangs differently on the body.

Leather – The Trending Fabric of the Season

Sometimes it’s a colour or a style that acts as the “it” item for the season but in men’s winter wear this year, it’s all about a particular fabric. Leather or pleather is the number one fabric to choose from, and for that reason, you’ll find all kinds of cold-weather-inspired pieces.

You can purchase jackets in various styles and lengths, boots, gloves, vests and hats in leather and there’s no reason to stick to the traditional colours of brown or black. Step outside the box and look at interesting tones of camel, blue, grey, green and even plums.

Accessories are a Must to Keep Them Warm

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Another important element in any person’s winter wardrobe is accessories – hat, gloves, mitts scarves, and winter boots such as the trending leather boots. This is where you can enjoy a little fashion freedom, so to speak, in that you can have fun with the pieces you choose. The accessories can instantly add personality to their winter wardrobe and even make a neutral or basic jacket seem more fashion-forward.

Again, we look to the fashion runways and top designers for clues of what the must-have styles are. For gloves and mitts, go with something oversized that makes a statement. Also, shearling is trending as the must have fabric for accessories. The good news about this is that it looks great, and the shearling is incredibly warm. For the more sophisticated fella, a pair of soft leather gloves could be the better choice.

All of these gift ideas will help the special guy in your life stay warm all season long while looking ultra-fashionable no matter the occasion.