5 Horrible but funny things your baby does in public

baby faceNothing beats a new little bouncing baby, with their pink chubby cheeks, cute giggling sounds and big smiles that could make anyone’s day. However on just the odd occasion, OK we mean at least two or three times a week your baby will do some horrible but slightly funny things in public – It happens to all of us!

Crying blue murder in the middle of a shopping centre to having a “little” accident on your friends new sofa, every parent will never cease to have the awkward laugh to try and make it all a little better.

Below are five horrible but funny things your baby will do in public:

1) Food Fight, you might aswell find a new favourite restaurant, yes we know they serve the best Al Fredo in town, however when your little one picks up the spoon, launches it half way across the table and manages to hit granny Joan’s new silky shirt it may be funny… once, until the plate then is the next target to be launched onto the floor and you do your best ‘I’m so sorry about that I’ll help clean it’ embarrassed voice’, so we both know it will be takeaways from now on.

child having food fight

2) Temper Tantrum to make you look like the devil, you wont be the first or the last to go a little red in the face when your baby/child screams for their lives in the middle of a shopping centre. As passers by look, you try and calm your child however when all else fails it’s time to take hold and head to the car, you then hear strangers commenting “aww someone’s not having a good day” but more to the point you will have the few who roll eyes, tut and judge the way you are handling the situation – Just wait until it their turn then they will understand.

3) Both ends have a mind of their own, as you will already know when it comes to noises, sounds, smells and awkward moments of being sick babies have it down to a fine art. Visiting friends with your baby who have just bought a new sofa may not be the wisest of choice’s, yes your friend will say don’t be silly let him/her come up and when they do you know it’s going to happen… they are sick everywhere! Our Suggestion? help wipe clean and next time settle for a long phone call.

baby angel wings

4) Wait until you see this, every baby will do something that you find extra cute and as you bump into grandparent/friends and other family member you want them to see their cute face/funny smile/dance however as you stand around trying harder and harder for your little one to do it…they don’t! You start to become slightly angry and embarrassed and eventually say “I’m not sure why she/he isn’t doing it” and then blame the person you are with ‘it must because they don’t know you that well’ Move on, let it go they will do it…eventually.

5) Alarms! You are walking around the supermarket sticking to your list as you approach the checkout you pay up, have some general chat with the assistant – who tell you how cute your little one is and head to walk out the store until the security alarm goes off you think ‘that can’t be me’ but wait it is! your little one has pulled items off the shelve and hid them in your pram. As you over laugh with the security assistant and call your baby a “little devil” and apologies you try and swiftly move on, but you know some passer by’s are thinking ‘we bet she did that on purpose’ after sheer embarrassment you go home phone a friend and giggle about it later!

Mum Hiding Head

Angelic, adorable and funny they may be, however, on these occasions all you can think is little devil and determined to make sure they humiliate you in public at the highest level possible.

You wont be the first, you wont be the last and it will happen to you many times during your baby years our suggestion take a deep breath and keep calm or stay indoors, phone friends and make sure to order takeaways.

Has your baby ever done something funny but embarrassing to you in public? What would you say to new mums who are yet to experience this? Share your stories with other below using our easy comments box.

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