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5 Of The Best Apps To Save You Money This Christmas

With the Christmas season fast approching, saving money and sticking to a budget is priority. One brilliant way to watch what you’re spending, is by downloading some very smart apps.

Don’t know which app will help you?  Here are our five top apps that will help you this Christmas.

1. Money Dashboard
Cost: Free

What better way to save than to set a specific budget and know exactly what you have left to spend.   Simply sign up and add your bank accounts to the ‘Add Account wizard’ ensure you have your bank account details with you and Tah-Dah your done.

Once you have added your accounts, Money Dashboard will display up to three months  worth of your recent transactions, so you can see exactly how much you have been spending….good or bad? either way it helps!

Using the “Future” tab allows you to input future planned transactions and can also predict future transactions based on your spending.  At the beginning of your Christmas shopping month, you could input your planned purchases and see how your balance would look with the purchases going out combined with your regular monthly payments – no more shock transactions over the busiest time of the year.

2. WotWine
Cost: FREE

Christmas is the time of the year where we may all indulge in a few cheeky glasses of wine – who are we kidding, of course we will! That means that as usual we end up buying fancy wine at hiked-up prices, but not any longer.  WotWine is a free app available on smartphone and Android that gives users the definitive and independent guide to supermarket wine.

There are three simple steps for UnderTheChristmasTree readers to bag a Christmas wine bargain:

A.  Scan the bottle’s barcode using the wotwine app.

B.  Reveal the authoritative wotwine pounds and pence value for that wine, and our expert evaluation.

C.  When the wotwine price is better than the shelf price, you bag a bargain!

With all nine major supermarkets covered (including Asda, Aldi, the Co-op, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose) never again will you have to over pay for a wine which says it’s on promotion but really prices were inflated months before.

3. Vouchercloud
Cost: FREE

Saving money at Christmas can seem impossible, with so many family and friends to buy for spending can go through the roof!

Searching for discount codes, vouchers and coupons either locally or around the web can not only save you those extra pennies but can save you a lot of time too.

Vouchercloud’s App (which is free by the way) will use your location to show you offers for shops and restaurants near you.  No more wasting time hunting high and low for that extra special gift to then realise you have over paid for it.

Once you have found an offer simply show your voucher on the screen of your phone.

It’s that simple!

4. GoodBudget
Cost: FREE plan

Stay on the same page with your partner and their spending this December.  When you and your partner head out to buy Christmas presents, it’s difficult to know just how much you both have left in the bank to spend, but with GoodBudget you can now both stay on the same pagewhere spending’s concerned.

Setting aside what you need each month, GoodBudget let’s you use the rest of the budget on what’s important to you – no more suprise bills!

Based on the envelope method, Goodbudget make envelopes for all your budgeting categories – rent, groceries, eating out etc, helping you to keep track of your budgets. So start your Christmas envelope today.

5. Bankaroo
Cost: FREE

It’s not just adults who need a little help with saving come Christmas but children too. This fun app will not only bring your child’s pocket money together but will also teach your little ones about financial issues, all while still being fun!

Simply download to your device whether it is Android, Windows or even Kindle, fill in your details and start reading and taking part in money discussions.

Learning about money at a young age can help in later life and with xmas being one of the most expensive this can help your child learn how important sticking to budget truly is.

With thousands of apps to choose from – good and bad – we hope our pick of the five best apps to help save you money at Christmas will let you know you are sticking to your budget easily and who knows all those extra savings could mean extra gifts for you!

How do you save money during the festive season?
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