5 Reasons You Should Get Spicy This Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the smell of hot mince pies going through your home, there’s just something about those spices which make you feel all warm and festive.

The smells of Cinnamon, Orange, Ginger, Nutmeg – the list could go on forever, are just some of UnderTheChristmasTree’s favourite yuletide scents and when On a Wick & a Prayer  launched its new Christmas spice collection we just knew it would remind us of Christmas’ past.

Below are 5 reasons why you should get spicy this Christmas:

1.  The scents remind you of…. If you ask yourself (as we did) what certain smells reminded you of when you were younger, special occasions, christmas etc we bet one of the spices would be in there.  Cinnamon, for Holly in the office, reminded her of when she was younger pinching cookies which were just made.

2.  It may stop you stealing the last mince pie.  Now we know just how much we love mince pies and it can be pretty hard not to go for seconds (or thirds, & fourths) when they are there and look so delicious, however with a candle which smells just the same you may resist – unlikely?

On a Wick and a Prayers Christmas spice candle which can burn for upto 35 hours truly does give off that homebaking smell – it’s like a mixture of xmas cake, mince pies and fruit loaf. As it comes in a stunning red glass jar with trees on the front it also makes a beautiful ornament.

3.  Can hide a multitude of smells.  Burnt the turkey? Or used to much bleach after cleaning the toilet?  Spices such as ginger and orange can help disperse most unwanted smells. A great idea for a bathroom would be a reed diffuser (we gave On a wick & a prayer’s Apple Clove and Cinnamon a try) not only do they look like a great ornament they lasted for weeks! However they do stain wood surfaces so you must ensure to place on a mat/coaster.

4.  Bye bye indigestion.  According to some, nutmeg can help with digestion – does that mean we can have an extra turkey sandwich on the big day?

5.   It will make you happy!  As simple as that, spices will remind you of fond memories, make your home welcoming and keep you joyful during those wintery nights.

We tested On A Wick and Prayer’s Christmas selection which we felt lasted hours and produced a festive smell that was not to strong but enough to make you hungry.

You can buy the Christmas Spice candles from  On A Wick And A Prayer

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