7 Surprising Foods/Drinks that are NOT suitable for vegetarians

While you may think most foods which are suitable for Vegetarians would include crisps, beer, yogurt and  even cheese would only contain flavoring’s then you would be wrong as certain products include rennet, animal fat and more.

It surprises us just how many products we thought were suitable fro vegetarians are in fact not.

This is why UTCT has put together the 10 surprising foods/drinks that are NOT suitable for Veggies. Find what they are below:

1) Walkers Crisps – Smoky Bacon and Roast Chicken no longer veggie. After the re-branding of the Walkers ingredients, the company decided to replace artificial flavour with real meat meaning that veggie’s who used to love picking up a pack of their smokey bacon crisp’s can no longer do so.

2) Some Cheese’s including Parmesan.  Some cheese’s use what is called Rennet when being made. Rennet is usually sourced from newly-born calves, so the next time you are out for a meal and the waiter offers you Parmesan make sure and check it is Vegetarian Parmesan!

3) Jelly Sweets including some Haribo.  As i digged into a packet of Haribo, i decided to check the back of the packet to see if they were suitable for vegetarians and to my (very angry) suprise i found out they are not! Some jelly including Hartley’s and sweets have Gelatine which is a gelling agent derived from animal ligaments, skins, tendons, bones – so again please check for the V logo on the front of the pack if it’s not their its not for veggies!

4) Wine – What we thought this was made of just grapes!?!  apparently some wines are made with some animal products including pig and cow hooves in the production process.

So before picking up your favourite tipple check and make sure it is suitable for veggies!

5) Yogurt – Good for the heart not so much for the Vegetarian! Some yogurts which we thought were made from milk, fruit and some flavoring? They also have Gelatine in them.

6) Beer including Guinness and Fosters – Put down that pint, as both of these companies use isinglass, an ingredient made from dried fish bladder. The next time you are heading for the pub make sure not to order this if you are veggie!

7) McDonalds real fruit Smoothies.  They may have real fruit in them but they also have very real meat Gelatin in them too. Before you buy your next Big Mac make sure you get a juice which is suitable for Vegetarians.

Are you like us – now heading to the kitchen (and sweetie drawer) to check which products are suitable for Vegetarians?

Just because a product sounds like it should be vegetarian it doesn’t mean it’s safe, who would have thought a real FRUIT smoothie and Wine would need to have any form of animal incorporated into the making? Certainly not us.

Whatever the products, make sure to look out for the friendly suitable for Vegetarian logo and do not make the mistake many others have – “this has to be suitable” please check the ingredients.

Are you surprised by what food you would think would be suitable for vegetarians but are not?  and how do you feel that certain companies would change a product which was suitable for veggies into not being?

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