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A Light World Full Of Friends With Disney Philips LED SoftPal Sulley

Bad dreams and being scared of the dark are all part of being a child or it was for some of us in the office!  Sometime even today we still worry about what lurks under the bed or in the closet?!  However kids can now go to sleep knowing your pal Sulley is there. We were kindly sent this to review.

When Philips Disney LED SoftPal Sulley arrived at HQ, we all talked about how much he really is like the character in the movie and you can clearly see him through the box with the clear plastic in the shape of sulley.

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Sulley SoftPal is available from Amazon UK – HERE!

As we ventured inside to take our favourite monster out of the box we were very surprised at how he felt – soft and squidgy, kids will love to snuggle him at night! Coming with a plug and stand, you can place him on to charge (just press the big M on the charging station) which does not take long at all.

Once charged kids can pick Sulley monster up and down as he is not hot to touch, and see his soft glow fill up their bedroom for a huge six hours!  Want to turn him off?  Simply tilt Sulley side to side to turn on or off, Mandy did this over and over again…she’s just a big kid!

If your struggling to get your child off to sleep, especially as Christmas comes around Philips SoftPal Sulley Monster could be exactly what you need.  Overall we adored this squidgy half lamp half toy SoftPal.

Priced at around £24.99 you can purchase the Sulley SoftPal from Amazon UK – HERE!

Have you tried SoftPal by Philips to help get your child off to sleep?  Share your thoughts below.

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