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A Teapot and Hoover to Top Christmas Lists?

According to Standard.co.uk – Amazon has previewed hundreds of products available over the Christmas shopping days with a tea maker and robot hoover set to be among the biggest sellers.

With 166 shopping days left until Christmas, Amazon showcased hundreds of products which they said are set to be some of the biggest sellers over the festive season.

Featuring a robotic hoover which can do your housework called the iRobot Roomba can detect feet and stairs. Probably every person dream however at £497 this is one expensive hoover. View iRobot Roomba 780 Hoover Here.

Also set to top lists will be Heston Blumenthal – The Tea Maker, which apparently makes the “perfect” cup of tea and will cost £199.99. View The Tea Maker Here.

“Obviously it’s difficult to have a hoover as a gift but this one makes it fun. The Tea Maker is perfect for tea lovers, people get really geeky about our their teas.” said Amazon spokeswoman Clare Kelly

Interactive toys are also once again going to be hugely popular with both Teksta robot puppy and Sugar The Seal, both £59.99 topping amazon’s list.

Would you be happy to receive a hoover as a gift?  or will you be buying someone the ultimate cup of tea?  Share with us and others your thoughts on Amazon’s list.

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