A ‘warm and comforting’ revamp for Aunt Bessie

The cold and darker nights are creeping up on us and that means one thing, it’s time for big warm meals.

When you think of Autumn and Winter you think Apple pie, warm Yorkshire puddings and lovely toasting roasting potatoes (we are getting very hungry now) and you also think Aunt Bessie!

The aunt everyone want’s to have is getting a small facelift. The £210m brand wants to “capture the warm and comforting emotions of the roast occasion”

The first of the products to be made-over are 12-packs of the renamed Original Baked Golden Yorkshires and the Bramley apple.

UnderTheChristmasTree has their knife and fork ready, because you know we have to try it all out again.

What do you think of the new facelift? Do the products taste as good as home-made? Share your thoughts with us and others using our fast comments box below.

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