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Adult Children Living At Home

Following the arrival of yet another reality(?) tv show which features six 27 – 30 year old women who still live at home, we ask are your adult children too comfortable at home to leave?

Do we as parents spoil our children to such an extent that, as they grow into adulthood, refuse to leave the nest?

It’s lovely having all the family together but do they really want to stay at home or is it because they don’t want to loose the benefits offered at home.

Just how much do we actually do for our adult children?

Ask yourself these questions, do you still  –

  • do their washing
  • do their ironing
  • cook their meals
  • taxi them around
  • change their bed
  • vacuum their bedroom
  • pick up and put away behind them
  • stock the fridge with their favourite foods
  • let them live rent free

If you, like me, can answer yes to quite a few of these questions it’s no wonder they’re still living at home.

Is it time we installed a few house rules?

House Rules for Adult Children

Clean your bedroom – this also includes changing your bedding!

Put your washing in the machine and Turn It On – really it’s not difficult you will manage.

Iron your clothing and put it away – yes I’ll show you how to use the iron

At least once a week make the evening meal – pizza or pasta’s fine!

Load the dishwasher – you know- the white thing under the sink.

Clean round about the shower when you’ve finished,  lift those soggy towels off the floor and put them in the round thing in the corner, it’s called a laundry basket

Don’t use my credit card for your online shopping – this is not the bank of mum and dad.

Please don’t bring all your friends back for a party after an evening at the pub.

No sleepovers – you know what I mean!

Get in touch and let us know how you cope with an adult child who still lives at home and what extra house rules you’d like to see on our list above.

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