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Advent Calenders For Pets?

We’re not the only ones who want to countdown to Christmas, pets do too and now they can with their very own Advent Calendar.

That’s right, pets can now open up a different door on each day in December and get a nice treat, plus you can even buy a Christmas stocking for them to get on Christmas day. The Advent Calendar is being created in by Pedigree and Dreamies and the stockings are being created by Pedigree and Whiskas, so what do you get in each one?

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Pedigree Advent Calendar

The Pedigree Advent Calendar for dogs will feature Pedigree Mini treats behind each door. The calendar is set cost around £3.50 and will also include a training clicker gift for dogs behind the Christmas Eve door. There are also instructions inscribed on the back of the calendar to provide tips to teach dogs new tricks using the clicker.

Dreamies Advent Calendar

The Dreamies Advent Calendar for cats contains Dreamies treats behind each advent door. It is set to cost around £3.50 and will also include a special mouse toy gift for cats behind the Christmas Eve door. Not only are Dreamies launching this Advent Calendar but December 2013 will see the launch of the Limited Edition Dreamies Turkey flavour.

Pedigree Christmas Stocking

The Pedigree Christmas Stocking is a perfect to put next to everyone’s else’s stocking, waiting for it to be filled up by Santa Paws but luckily, he has already filled up the stocking with an interactive toy and a range of treats for dogs to make their Christmas extra special this year.

Whiskas Christmas Stocking

The Whiskas Christmas Stocking is also being released this year and with it your cats will get an interactive treat ball to play with on Christmas day and beyond and some of their favourite treats inside, so they get some tasty treats to eat on Christmas day. Plus you can place the Whiskas Christmas Stocking place beside everyone’s Christmas stocking and it even has a festive design. It is set to cost around £3.99, so not to an expensive present for your cats.

Pedigree Limited Editions

2013 will see the return of Pedigree’s Limited Edition range with seasonal designs for Christmas. Pedigree Jumbone and Pedigree Schmackos will be available in a festive turkey variety!

Which of these festive treats will you be buying for your pets this Christmas? Comment below and let us know.

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