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Whether you are the shining star or the tinsel climbing it’s way up the tree, you’ve made the right decision in choosing UnderTheChristmasTree to help get your brand/product/company/service recognised.

Working together we can offer a personalised approach throughout the website, categories, e-newsletter, social media, YouTube and more, to help promote your chosen product or brand. UnderTheChristmasTree can provide you with a package to suit your requirements.

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UnderTheChristmasTree’s Average Figures:
Low Season (Feb-Aug)

    • Monthly Visitors: Over 32,000
    • Monthly Page Views: Over 165,000
    • Monthly Impressions: Over 500,000

High Season (Aug – Jan)

  • Monthly Visitors: Over 55,000
  • Monthly Page Views: Over 285,000
  • Monthly Impressions: Over 2.1 Million
  • YouTube Hits: Over 2.710,000
  • Unique Newsletter: Over 5000

What Is UnderTheChristmasTree?

UnderTheChristmasTree is an online platform for those who love everything Christmas, sharing information on all aspects of Christmas 365 days a year, including demonstrations, how to’s, advice, news, reviews, competitions and a whole lot more.

It is  one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, UK Christmas website with over 2.7 Million hits to our YouTube channel and over 2 Million impressions on our website during December alone.

UnderTheChristmasTree is a dedicated team who love/think/want Christmas all year round and offers a combination of expert advice and user generated content.

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Who are UnderTheChristmasTree?


  • Age 18-24 Year Olds: 19%
  • Age 25-44 Year Olds: 57.5%
  • Age 45-65 Year Olds: 18%
  • Age 65+: 5.5%
  • Women: 66.5%
  • Men: 34.5%

Type of advertisment available:

UnderTheChristmasTree is dedicated to bringing you personalised and unique ways to advertise your brand/service/company/products. This may include:

Home Page Standard display formats: 726 x 90 Leaderboards, 300 x 250 right hand side bar above fold. Home Page Mid Page Unit: 300 x 175

Category Pages Right Hand above fold: 300 x 250
Category Pages Mid Page Unit: 300 x 175
Category Pages Right Hand Below Fold: 125 x 125

  • Sponsored Posts
  • YouTube Demonstration on specific page
  • YouTube Demonstrations
  • Newsletter
  • Products – Free to send but no guarantee to be published
  • Guranteed review & Fast Tracked
  • Social Media Mentions
  • Surveys

UnderTheChristmasTree works with a selected few advertisers, which is both appealing to visitors and maintains trust in the UnderTheChristmasTree brand and provides exclusivity to advertisers.

UnderTheChristmasTree ensure all campaigns on our website are relevant and creative. UnderTheChristmasTree visitors respond highly to promotions and campaigns on UnderTheChristmasTree.

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UnderTheChristmasTree previous clients

Wondering about past clients? UnderTheChristmasTree has worked with many different brands over the years. Recent advertisers include:

Sainsburys, Marks and Spencers, Blackberry, CAT, Boots, HobbyCraft, Lonovo, Cadburys, Green & Black, Godiva, Moonpig, Jet 2 and many more.


When is UnderTheChristmasTree online?

UnderTheChristmasTree is online 365 days a year (even on Christmas day for a little while…we all need one day off!) You can get in touch with our team every day of the week.

UnderTheChristmasTree publishes on the website every day, and are active on  social media every day – including weekends!

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