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After Christmas Children’s Activities

Christmas is a big day and the days leading up to Christmas are just as exciting for your kids, so when its all over your little ones will be looking for fun activities to do now the anticipations of Santa Clause has gone.

Below here are some tips to help beat away the blues once Santa Clause and Christmas is over.

Get out the new toys – Obvious we know, however getting out some of the new toys your child just got from Santa and playing together as a family is a great way of keeping them buys and entertained.

Send out home-made cards – A gentle way to help children ease out of Christmas is by sending Happy New Year or even Thank-You cards.

Get all the paint and glitter out and start designing – just watch the grandparents faces light up when they receive a thank-you card. If you have older children get them to put a poem inside.

Turn into a little Chef – After all the fun in the kitchen at Christmas, why not get your little ones into make chocolate cornflakes or even just to help you with some fun baking.

Getting the house back to normal
– This is the part of Christmas which can usually leave you feeling a little down in the dump as all the lovely decorations and colours have to be put away, so why not get your little one to design some home-made decorations for after Christmas to stop the house feeling bare and cold for example – make their own flowers or even a fun family portrait.

You can have fun every day of the year and not just Christmas. Start planning your activities now and you and your family wont have any post Christmas blues.

Have you got a routine for after Christmas? Why not sure your tips and tricks for Children’s activities for after Christmas below using our comments box.

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