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Age Appropriate Music

Do you sometimes feel that the current trend in music is often not suitable for younger children?

Many songs include words we really don’t want our children to repeat but as they hear the songs over and over again they begin to pick up on some of the lyrics and sing along to the radio or TV.

We, as parents are careful with the language used when children are around. Do you feel that it’s time children had music that has been written and recorded especially for their age group?

A new UK record label, Zeamu, which offers music with lyrics that your children can safely sing along to, have released their first CD featuring 14 tracks for children age 3 – 10 years that are sung by children.

With titles such as Friend of Mine, Beat the Bullies and Doing the Robot there are songs in the CD that will encourage them to express not just  happy times but also discuss bullying,  holidays etc.
Written by leading lights in the music industry these heartfelt lyrics could be the beginning of some interesting discussions.

How do you feel about age appropriate music?  Share with us and others your thoughts.

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