Ahh! The Television’s On Fire!

Yamazonfiretv_homescreen_angleou have no idea how long it took us to think of that title! Amazon are releasing a set top box for the television called “The Fire TV” hence the (not so) witty title.

The box is set to be released just in time for Christmas 2014 and is tipped to beat all other entertainment consoles.

The vice president, Peter Larsen of Kindle recently demonstrated the new “Fire TV” and explained that the set top box will stream both tv shows and movies.  The box will also act as a games console which will be suitable for all the family. There are even some rumblings that this games console could rival Nintendo & Playstation!

The set top box is set to be affordable coming in at less than £100 which is less than most games consoles and is less than most other set top boxes such as some Freesat models.

To make this into a games console you need to buy the games controller which in itself retails at around £18 which is quite pricey but definitely worth it if you want to use the games functions on the set top.

The box is also sound and tablet activated. The remote control has a microphone meaning you can navigate using just your voice.

There’s not really much you can’t do with the Amazon “Fire TV” and with the set top box to be released at Christmas, this makes it perfect as a gift (ask Santa politely!) and for winter entertainment.

Will you be getting the Fire TV?

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