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Air Storm Z-Curve Bow

Get the ultimate archery experience with the Air Storm Z-Curve Bow be warned Mum and Dad you WILL want a shot, the toy  features:

  • Whistling arrows
  • Reaches up to 40 metres
  • Pin point accuracy
  • Z curve bow
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for age 8+

We were kindly sent this product to review but all thoughts are  our own.

Kids aged 8 and over will have great fun practising their archery skills with this bow and like UnderTheChristmasTree we are sure adults will have to have a go to!

The whistling arrows add to the excitement as the foam arrow flies from the z curve bow ready to reach its target up to 40 metres away and what we liked most is that even though it is a firing toy the bow is safe and soft.

Children are quick to learn new skills and it will take next to no time for them to acquire a reasonably good aim – no doubt putting adult players to the test.

Simple to use just load your Zonic screaming whistle arrows or ‘stick anywhere’ suction cup Zartz; pull back, aim and fire, Holly tried this product and even though the targets we set up were so easy she still missed by a mile!

This is the ultimate in long range foam archery.  Suitable for either left or right handed use the orange and black Z-Curve bow will fire your screaming black and orange arrows a long distance with pin point precision.

Set up a row of cans and challenge players to some target practice – who will be first to shoot out their cans?  Load up your suction cup Zartz arrows and fire away, these arrows stick to lots of things – what will they stick to next?

Reviews for the Air Storm Z-Curve Bow

Do you already have this fantastic crossbow?  Get in touch below using our fast and simple review section and tell us about your archery skills.

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