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Aldi takes ANOTHER Christmas classic for Easter

Aldi has announced the release of TWO new Dairyfine Chocolate Mug Melts, a white chocolate sheep and milk chocolate chick, following the success of Melting Snowman.

Image of Aldi Easter hot chocolate melts
Image credit: Aldi

The mug melts follow the sell-out success of Aldi’s Melting Snowman last Christmas. For just £1.99, these Mug Melts melt into a rich, chocolatey drink when submerged into a mug of hot milk. To add an extra touch of indulgence, each character is filled with a hidden centre of marshmallows and chocolate drops, which start to appear as the outer chocolate melts away.

This is not the first time Christmas favourites have been made for Easter, M&S previously release a trifle for Easter and Aldi launched Hot Cross Buns for Easter, both of which are traditionally available at Christmas time.