Alternatives to Chocolates this Easter

Looking for something a little bit healthier or longer lasting than a chocolate Easter Egg? we have scoured out some great alternative’s to chocolate this Easter Sunday on the 31st March.

If you been to the supermarkets lately or like us feel like you are never out of them! you will have noticed all of the colourful and delicious looking chocolate Easter Eggs sprawled over every shelve, poster and isle, so taking the kids can sometime be a bit of a chocolate battle with a chorus of ‘i want that Easter egg‘ or ‘can i have some now?’

Receiving one, two or even three Easter eggs is great, however when family and friends start buying for your children it can seem like so much chocolate and kids can simply overload on the sweet treats.

If your child simply doesn’t like chocolate, or if you want to try and cut back on these tasty treats below are some fun alternatives to the egg-celent day:

Easter Egg Hunt – Instead of chocolates use brightly coloured plastic eggs which open up to reveal some sort of small present such as coins and toys. These do not have to be expensive gifts as the fun is in finding the eggs.

Tip: If you want to keep the cost down why not suggest whoever collect the most’s wins a  prize.

Easter Basket/Hamper – Create your very own fun Easter basket and fill with kid sized fruit, a toy bunny or even a small toy and decorate with colourful bows.

Gift Voucher – Your average Easter Egg (depending on size) will cost around £5 and when you think about petrol expenses this can work out pretty expensive for an half hour treat.

A gift card for £5 – £10 can be bought online and your child can spend it on something they actually want.

Board Game The Best of TV and Movies by Drumond Park could be the ideal gift for the whole family this Easter. For ages 12 and older, what do you know about TV and movies? Not only could you all play as a family or with friends but would last for weeks, months and years to come.

Baking – Getting the kids to bake their very own Easter Cupcakes is another brilliant way to get the kids in the kitchen and having fun. You could buy them their very own kids sized bowls, accessories and even apron and let them create some beautiful cupcakes. WARNING: you may end up having a very messy kitchen.

Books – Educational and fun, books can tell the story of Easter and the reason we celebrate Goof Friday and Easter Day.

Gardening – This can be hugely exciting and educational, why not get your child their very own plant and let them watch it grow as they take responsibility to care and look after their plant.

Going on holiday? – If you are (like many others) are heading away on a holiday over the break, you could get your child something to play with in the car or even a pillow pet to let your child rest their head.

Days out – Heading to your local ice cream parlor, zoo and play centre would give your little one hours of joy and hopefully run off some of the chocolate indulgence.  Children would forget about Easter eggs and enjoy the day.

Special reward card – Parents could give their kids a ‘special reward card’ which would entitle your little one to pick the dinner for that night, watch their favourite DVD or even get mum and dad to clean their room.

The “special reward card” could be created using paper, pens and other crafts and once the child has used it, the card would then be handed back to the parent for another gift at another time.

Cost effective, fun and a brilliant alternative to chocolate Easter Eggs.

As well as making fantastic alternatives to chocolate this Easter, these gifts will last a lot longer for the family celebrations this Easter Sunday.

Are you buying your child chocolate for Easter? do you have any ideas on Easter Egg alternatives? tell others by commenting using our comments box below:

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