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Angry Birds Theme Park UK

For the millions of Angry Birds fans who play the addictive mobile game this will be a ‘must visit’ spot for the holidays.

When Will the Theme Park Open?

Due to open at the end of summer – think October holiday break –and will be found at the under 10’s amusement park Sundown Adventureland in Nottinghamshire.

Until now fans have had to travel to Finland or China to visit an AngryBirds theme park.

What Features will there be?

Now UK residents can visit their own Angry Birds park which will feature

  • slides
  • animal spring riders
  • climbing towers
  • an outdoor Angry Birds arcade
  • a giant dummy catapult game
  • and much more.

In the pipeline are a range of Angry birds themed rides but so far no further information has been released.

Who/What Are Angry Birds?

Rovio is an entertainment media company, and the creator of the globally successful Angry Birds franchise.

Angry Birds are an internet sensation!

The game follows the survival and revenge of the Angry Birds on the Green Pigs who stole the birds eggs.

The Angry Birds lay waste to the pigs castles using their destructive powers.

Players must use logic, skill and force to crush the enemy!

Angry Birds Facts!

  • Angry Birds is the #1 downloaded game
  • Millions of minutes played daily
  • People spend more time playing than watching TV

Sundown Adventureland placed a reported £250,000 order for the park with Llappset group which has teamed up with Rovio to launch the Angry Birds park worldwide.

With over 1 billion downloads worldwide everyone will be looking forward to the first glimpses of this new theme park.

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