App toys to be this years ‘must have’ toys for Christmas

Experts predicted toys which connect to iPads and iPhones will be this years “most wanted” gift this Christmas

If you thought just letting your little one play with your £600 plus ipad was sufficient enough… think again.

The toy industry has jumped on the electronic coat tails and are now producing toys such as the new Furby to connect to your ipad or iphone.

Parents are already using the new technology of their tablets to help entertain their children so you can probably already guessed that toy companies would produce a line of cool toys which feature this.

Recent research in the UK and United States found 39 per cent of adults who own an iPad have downloaded an app for children aged six to 11, and another study shows parents are now downloading an average of 6.8 apps for children aged three to eight every three months.

Toy companies including Mattel and Disney are making toys which interact with the tablets and iPhones. From helicopters, cars, robots and even Hasbro’s Furby which is fed using your iphone or ipad app, these toys toys use conductive paint so developers can programme games on ipad to track the movements of the toy.

Dr Amanda Gummer, a psychologist specialising in play and parenting, said: “Today’s children are growing up with technology and expect it in many of their playthings. Combining a physical toy with the excitement of an app and the contemporary appeal of an iPad is a completely new way for kids to play.”

Samantha Loveday, editor of Toy News, told the Independent: ‘Christmas is obviously the toy industry’s most important part of the year.

‘There are a lot of good toys coming out, but I think Apptivity toys have the potential to be up there. It’s very ‘of the moment’.’

Its not just new games which will incorporate the new technology but existing games which we all know and love such as Angry Birds are set to get a ‘real-life’ upgrade before Christmas.

Ranging from £12 to over £50 these toys are set to cost parents a pretty penny over Christmas.

Are you going to buy App toys for Christmas? Do You think they will be this years ‘must have’ toys? Simply comment below in our comment box…

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