App Toys

App Toys are rocketing in popularity as kids are choosing these toys more and more for the iPad instead of traditional toys. Toys which connect to tablets are being hailed as the must have for Christmas and beyond. Mattel, Fisher Price, Hasbro and more all joining the Apptivity craze. Your favourite superheroes, characters and more all come up life with figures which can be used on the iPad.

Join Batman, Lightning McQueen and of course some of your favourite games such as Hot Wheels, Monopoly and lots more. With App Toys you can get the whole family involved as you can hook up games such as AppQuiz and Monopoly zAPPed up to your iPad to bring everyone together for fun and laughter. Not only re there these cool toys available for the ipad, companies such as Mattel and Disney are even getting App’s for the iphone as well. From helicopters, cars, robots and not forgetting Furby there is an AppToy out there for everyone!

App Toys For Tablets

In Britain, more than 2.8 million people own an iPad and many of which belong to parents who are willing to hand over their tablets to their kids. In a study in the UK and the United States its was said that parents download on average 6.8 app for their kids ages three to eights years of age every three months. Apps are becoming the choice of present for kids as more and more parents allows their kids to use their iPad or iPhone to play these games. Parents however need not worry about the tablet getting dirty as there are covers available to keep your tablet safe.

These are no longer available.

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