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Turn your tablet into an instant electronic learning aid with the new APPen, part Flair’s GP Tech range.

Priced at an affordable £14.99 the new APPen is a pressure sensitive silicone nib which children can use as a colouring pen, joystick as well as a learning aid.

Surprisingly it doesn’t require batteries and simply plugs into compatible tablets via the headphone socket.

Using the dedicated free app children will enjoy learning, writing and colouring on a tablet.   Turn the device upside down and the nib of the pen can be used as a joystick to play a range of games.  You can even use the pen as a joystick for playing mini games.

The box of the APPen is brightly coloured with green, blue and yellow. The box also tells you what you can do with the pen such as colour, play and learn.  The pen itself is easy to hold, is lightweight and is the perfect shape for small hands.

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