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The new sensation is playing apps on your ipad and androids! Welcome to the world of technology AppQuiz Apptoyz! The entire family will enjoy playing this. We were kindly sent this to review. Features of AppQuiz include;-

  • Turn Your Smartphone Into A Games Console!
  • Great For All The Family
  • Free Quiz Game App

App Toys are going to the be the big hitters of the decade! At the press of a button you can turn your smartphone or media device into a game station.  Suitable for ages 8+, this game cam be played by up to four players and can easily include the entire family! It is very difficult to find an interactive game which will bring the whole family together, without someone becoming bored or feeling unchallenged.  The AppQuiz App Toyz is definitely one of those games that can be played endlessly without any one player being bored or feeling unchallenged.

Your host for the evening is Chuck Boldhart and his job is to challenge you to the ultimate quiz experience. You can personalise your experience by taking pictures of the players playing the game and changing the ‘buzz’ sounds to suit each individual player.

There are four different rounds to choose from. Pick between general knowledge, action games, memory games and video round. All you need to do is press the button when you know the correct answer, but make sure you’re the first one to do it or you loose!

There are four colours to choose from to represent your character. Choose from Pink, Blue, Green & Yellow.

The verdict is that this game is forward thinking and really does involve the entire family. Children nowadays play with computers and use technology as if it is second nature. This is really going to be a sought after game this Christmas 2012.

What’s In The Box?

  • Portable App Game

Specifications For AppQuiz App Toy

  • Plug & Play capability
  • Four different buzzers
  • Colours include blue, green, yellow and pink
  • Personalise buzzers
  • Take a picture of each player to use as their character piece
  • Multiple Quiz Styles
  • No Batteries Required
  • Suitable For Ages 8+

AppQuiz App Toy Reviews

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