Aqua Zinger Flavour Infuser from Root 7

We all know that we need to drink more water, it’s good for us and hydrates our body – but it does at times get exceedingly boring. So much so that we ‘put off’ taking as much as we need every day. We were kindly sent this to review.

Fruit juices are an obvious alternative, but all to often they’re packed with sugars, just exactly what we don’t want or need. Perhaps the answer to our problems could be the Aqua Zinger Flavour Infuser.

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The Aqua Zinger Flavour Infuser is available from Amazon.

Designed to make drinking water much more fun and so delicious that even the kids will choose the infused fruit flavoured water over their favourite fizzy juice and it’s so easy to use.

Elaine was delighted when asked to put it to the test and this is what she thought of it:

“On first glance it looks just like any stainless steel flask, however hidden away in the bottom is a grinder which will, when twisted, grind your chosen fruit or veg into a pulp.  Fill the Zinger with cold water and shake to release the flavours into the water.

I would suggest that you mix and match your soft fruit and veg (hard fruits such as apple will work just as well but will need to be infused for longer- overnight is recommended) to create your own unique flavours – this is what I did and enjoyed some – but not all, of my ‘concotions’.

I could certainly taste the gentle flavours of my fruit drink, I did store the zinger and its contents in the fridge for a good few hours before I took the taste test. If needed you could always add ice cubes into the ‘flask’ body to keep your drinks cool.

One thing I really did like was the rubber disc on the base, making the aquazinger slip resistant. According to the manufacturer you can refill the water for a second filling without the need for any more grinding but I would advise you to leave the zinger to infuse for a while longer on a second fill.

Once made, your Aqua Zinger drink should last 3 days in the refrigerator (if you can leave it that long!)

I found the Aqua Zinger Flavour Infuser from Root 7 really easy to clean and the manufacturers recommendations is that it should be cleaned before Zinging a new batch of flavoured water.

I have to admit that I did drink more water than I usually do and enjoyed the fresh taste.  Did it last for three days in the fridge?  No – it didn’t get a chance as the rest of the UnderTheChristmasTree team insisted in helping me with my taste testing!”

Whats your favourite fruit flavoured water?  Get in touch and share it with others.

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