Aquadraw Deluxe

This is one of the best new drawing toy introductions for years. This amazing new Aquadraw Deluxe mat allows children 18 months +to draw designs on it using a pen filled only with water. Pictures drawn on the aquadraw mat will fade away, allowing children to create new images time and time again.  Now includes two giant stencils to help little hands draw shapes, animals and vehicles.

A wonderful way to let young children express their vivid imaginations through creative play and drawing. The amazing Aquadraw combines their natural fascination with water with the thrill of creating images that magically disappear – so they can just keep creating over and over again.

With two pens and a mat big enough for more than one little artist, toddlers can interact and play together on their Aquamat as they share in the fun of creating their masterpieces.

Our verdict of the Aquadraw is that it is perfect for kids! saves our wallpaper from being used as paper..again! We welcome anything that allows our little monsters to use their imagination and explore their creativity without wrecking our home! It allows children to draw good pictures as well because there are pre-designed stencils.

We like that that the pictures fade away without us having to do any clearing up – Hallelujah!

What will your children draw? shapes? cars? animals? whatever they decide to draw, you can be guaranteed they’ll love every minute of this fun packed safe game for children aged 18 months+.

This is no longer available.

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