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Are you a pensioner parent?

A new study by pension provider LV= has revealed almost a million adults now start a family at the age of 40, are you one of those?

Following the footsteps of some of the most known celebrities who are having children in their 40s, 50s and 60s including Sir Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart it seems more and more Britons are starting a family or adding to the family in older age.

Jumping by almost 300 per cent for woman in the last ten years (from 1992-2012) and 149 per cent for men experts are now warning adults they will supporting their offspring when they reach retirement.

The cost of of raising a child his around £10,000 which is £2,000 more than the average retirement age, making it more costly to have children in older age. LV= who carried out this survey showed these results:

  • 30% of older parents will have children age 15 or younger and admit they don’t have enough savings or a pension.
  • 33% + of male parents were between 50 and 70 when they became parents.
  • 6% of woman became parents were over 45.
  • Most woman said they would give up birth at 43, while men said they would give up at 49.

These were just a few of the results found in the survey. To read more on the results please visit: Daily Mail

‘We often see tales of mature celebrities that have become new parents and now we can see how many normal men and women are following in their famous footsteps and becoming what has today been dubbed parensioners.’ said Ray Chin LV= spokesman

Financial insecurities, finding the right partner, unplanned, feeling fulfilled in your job and having one last child whilst you can were some of the reasons for starting a family late.

When you started a family or are going to start a family – did you take any of these factors into consideration?

When do you think it is the right time to have and to stop having kids?

Do you think this survey brings up valid points? or do you feel most adults now don’t see age as a factor when starting a family?

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