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Are you a Saturday Night or Sunday Morning person?

We all know the old saying that reminds us how to change our clocks. Spring forward -Fall Back’

At 1.00am on Sunday 31st March the clocks in the UK will go forward 1 hour to 2.00 am

Well, it’s that time again and looking out of my office window I question how we can possible be Springing forward on Sunday March 31st (also Easter Sunday).

As I write, the snow has once again started to fall, interspersed with sunshine – it’s a strange old country Britain.

So what does the arrival of British Summer Time hold for us, apart of course for an hours less sleep or a shorter day – you choose.

It is hotly rumoured that the sun will make an appearance any time soon and will see us all quickly creak our necks and backs as we attempt to make the garden look anything like as decent as the neighbours.

The schools are closed for the Spring Break (Easter Holidays) so how will you spend yours?   Are you one of many who will head off on a holiday abroad hoping for a glimpse of sunshine?  Or will you tough it out as you watch for a break in the sky to roll your eggs?

However you intend spending Easter Sunday have a great time and don’t forget to turn the clocks forward by an hour as you head off to bed on Saturday night.


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