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Are you an uncool parent?

It seems children from across the globe don’t care if their parent is an huge superstar, a genius or the worlds next big thing –  they will still think you are uncool!

Just like many other kids, Britney Spears’ two boys have admitted that they find their mum embarrassing and have now even put a stop to her kissing them in front of their friends, the Toxic singer said on the Ryan Seacrest show:

“My sons are six and seven, so they’re just now getting to the stage of where you can’t kiss mommy in front of your friends and all that kind of stuff,” has your child put rules of what you can do in front of friends and what you cannot?

Have you ever tried to give a big kiss to your child when friends are around? Do you try and act “cooler” when your child’s friends are around or do you think it’s  totally cool to be uncool?


At some time, no matter what your relationship is with your child, there will come a point when you do something that they find utterly and wholly embarrassing and will kick up a fuss, doors will be slammed you will be branded with the uncool tag that in years to come you will laugh about.

However at the present time children will see Mum and Dad’s music, choice of clothes, the way you eat, even the way you walk, annoying and will destroy their very existence – you get the picture right?

Has Dad ever put on what he thought was “cool tunes” and rocked around the room whilst stating to your child’s friends “this used to be what got us all rocking back when Iwas younger” or has Mum ever made sure you put on that new bright blazer she thinks is the bee’s knees?


Parents like many across the globe have all joined Twitter/Facebook, but have you ever thought about what is being put up in the news feed?

Have your kids ever stomped through to you and shouted ‘I can’t believe you just put that all over Facebook/Twitter’  – To you it was something silly and fun but to your child this could torment them for the rest of their lives… or so they think!

One thing’s for sure at one point or another when we were kids we all felt our cheeks go bright red at the thought of what our parents did and how we reacted.

Enjoy the cool years when they are young, because when they do get older you will be amazed at just how “uncool” you really are.

Have you ever been branded uncool? Do you think you are a cool parent?  Comment using our comments box below.

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