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Are You As Big A Fan Of Lego As Chris Is?

Chris McVeigh from Nova Scotia, Canada loves Lego, he spends all of his spare time recreating scenes from him favourite films out of plastic bricks. He blames his love of lego on his parents who took all of his toys away from him when he was just 12. He said: “My family decreed that I was too old for toys and  that I should become a man.”

However when Chris hit his 20’s and George Lucas re-released the Star Wars films, Chris realised that his love for toys has returned. Chris explained: “As I sat in a darkened cinema watching the films for the first time in years, something awoke in me.”

“Yes, I was old enough now to be nostalgic, and I recalled how much I loved toys.”  “I started buying Star Wars action figures, which then led to Star Wars Lego, and in a few years I had amassed a rather large collection  of bricks.”

His most popular creations are his interpretations of Star Wars and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. He does not only re-create films scenes – Chris uses his imagination to create some of his own characters including marauding robots and even killer leprechauns.Christ he has created such a following that he has been invited to exhibit his work at a gallery in New York.

To view Chris McVeigh’s creations and to read more at The Sun simply click here

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