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Are You Having A Christmas Baby?

If you were pregnant in late March/April, you are most likely to have  a Christmas or New Year baby.

Was your pregnancy planned, will you stick to festive names such as Ivy and will your little one get less presents because of the time of the year?

Having a child at anytime of the year can be exciting and a little stressful, however having a baby at Christmas can be very exciting and hugely stressful.

Preparing for Christmas is always a mighty task, everything from buying presents to decorating the house, the list never seems to end, but what if you are also pregnant and are due at the same time?! – Certainly a gift for the whole family.

Would you give your newborn a festive name such as Noel, Holly or Ivy? or give your little one something completely different away from holiday themed names as this might be a little predictable.

We love most festive names but it might be to far if your last name is Claus and you call your baby Santa.

Even though it’s not all about the gifts you receive, having a child around Christmas and New Year can something mean a little less presents come the day as friends and family may join one or two gifts together.

If you did fall pregnant during late March or April it is most likely you will have a Christmas child, let’s just hope their first words are not Santa.

Would you plan or are you having a having a tiny tot at Christmas or would there simply be to much stress?

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