Are YOU ready for back to school?

Are you ready for back to school?

We know that the kids are – but are you?

You’ve done all the school shopping, the new uniform is hanging in the wardrobe, the new shoes are still scuff free and shining in the box and all the stationery is ready for the new backpack.

But what about you?  How do you feel about them heading back off to school or even heading off for the very first time?

You’re probably feeling excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over.  You may be looking forward to dropping them off at the school gates, having a quick chat with the other mums and heading home for the first peaceful cup of coffee in a while.

Or are you dreading leaving them?  Will the house seem overly quiet?  How will you fill your day – after all the kids have taken up all of your time for the past 7 weeks?

Are you worrying about how they will cope?  Did you have to leave your child in fits of tears because they didn’t want to go back? Or peel your 5 year old off as they cling desperately to you.

It’s quite normal for kids (and mums) to feel a bit nervous or scared on the first day of school.   It’s all new, new teachers, new friends, new classes and possibly even a new school.

However, these feeling rarely last for any length of time and as they find new friends your time will be taken up with school related activities.

The most difficult thing for mums who stay at home is adjusting to an empty house, the day seems interminably long and once the housework is done, nobody is there to make a mess.

If you are not completely organized check out our Ultimate Back to School Check List here: Ultimate Back to School Check List

So how will you cope?  Get in touch – your thoughts may well help another mum who’s feeling exactly the same.

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