Are you sick of the Sales?

Have you had enough of the sales? Have you spent enough money and don’t want the kids asking for more toys? Here are a few tips to turning away from the sales and enjoying what you have already bought.

It seems to be getting earlier and earlier ever year we hear or see the big word SALE. Whether it is plastered on TV, websites and shopping stores it seems so called “boxing day” and “New Years” sale’s are on before Christmas.

Now the new year has set in, for most money will be at the top of your mind and with companies announcing up to 70% off in their new years sales it is difficult to tell your little one ‘No’ when they ask for a toy they had already wanted.

Below are a few tips to help avoiding the sales:

Turn off the TV and sit down together to play a game your child has just got from Santa: A great way to suggest turning off the tv, which then means your little one wont see any of the adverts promoting sales on toys and even parents wont be tempted to go out and buy little extra’s for yourself.

Tip: Why not get a new toy out each night and play together, this would give the feeling of having something new every day and your kids will not look to go and either buy or ask for more.

Put on a CD or DVD: You wont be bombarded with sale adverts or messages and can just relax and enjoy the day.

Budget: Put a budget on what you can spend in the sales and once its gone its gone.

Head to the kitchen – Get you and your child and even the whole family to come up with new and fun baking ideas and try them out! This would take all day meaning you can avoid going in town.

Go online and catch up with the latest articles you love to read! Whether you come to UnderTheChristmasTree or go to any other online magazine you love it is then up to you if you want to visit the sales.

Are you sick of hearing or reading SALE NOW ON? or have you been buying in the sale’s and saving money? comment using our comments box below.

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