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Articulate For Kids – The Fast Talking Description Game By Drumond Park

Articulate for Kids by Drumond Park is the fun, fast talking description game that all children will love playing this Christmas. We were kindly sent this to review.

Articulate was first released as a game for adults and now it’s time for the younger generation to have fun with the newly refreshed Articulate for Kids.

Just like the adult version this game is played in teams  and requires a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 20 players.

Articulate for kids is available to buy here: Articulate For Kids

Watch our step-by-step guide on how to play Drumond Park’s Articulate For Kids on our official YouTube channel:

Although no longer kids, (quite a bit longer in a few cases – but I’ll mention no names!) the team were desperate to give Articulate for Kids a try.

Prior to playing, the teams were divided equally, and each team agreed who would be  the  describer and guessers.  You must  agree  which team will go first and after must deliberation we agreed that would be Mandy’s team.

The idea of the game is simple – just describe as many card entries as you can to your team members in just 30 seconds without giving obvious clues.

Everyone starts at the same point on the board which is indicated (it’s a light blue stripe).  The starting team’s describer should then pick up a card and begin describing what is listed against the blue square without saying “sounds like”, “begins with”  or “looks like”.

The team will then have 30 seconds to guess the card.  If your team correctly guesses what is being described the describer can quickly move on to the next card. At the end of the 30 seconds, they must count how many answers were correctly guessed and move their game piece forward by that many spaces along the board before the next team takes their turn.

The winners are the team who get around the board first and in this case it was Katy’s team!

The game is really straight forward and simple to play and as it moves along at a  fast pace it leaves  no time for younger players to become bored waiting for their turn.

Although this version was compiled for kids by an educational specialist, adults will still have great fun playing along with younger family members.

With 336 cards and over 2,000 entries in the same six categories as the original Articulate, it can be played alone or in conjunction with the adult version.

Articulate for Kids will quickly become a  family favourite and would make a great addition to any Christmas stocking.

Articulate for Kids is available to buy here: Articulate For Kids

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