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Asda Taking Pre-Orders On The PS4

Asda have started taking pre-orders for the new PS4.

The store has started to allow customers to put down a deposit of £20 to secure a PS4 console when it is released. However Sony have yet to release both
a release date and what the retail cost of the new console will be, although it is speculated to be released around Christmas time this year.

So how is it possible for Asda to offer you the pre-order the new PS4 which neither of these factors have been confirmed?

Asda has stated that when you put down your £20 deposit, you are actually buying a £20 pre-order voucher which does secure your copy of the PS4. They also say that they will then send you a unique Discount Code which you will need in order to complete your purchase of the PlayStation 4 Console when they go on sale at the Asda Direct website.

Customers will be sent their unique pre-order discount code either first of before the other regular orders. You must keep this code safe until you need to use it and it can only be used on the Asda Direct website.

When the date and the price have been confirmed Asda will email to inform you of this new update by email and will also inform you of the date in which you need online and complete your purchase of the PlayStation 4 console using the £20 Discount Code they sent you.

What if there are different versions or bundle available?

Asda has this problem covered to, as they state that if there is more than one version or bundle of the PlayStation 4 at launch in Asda, they will give you the choice of which version you would like to buy.

You can go and buy your £20 Discount Code for the PlayStation 4 at Asda here: PS4 Pre-Order Discount Voucher

Will you be buying the Discount Code? Will you be buying the PlayStation 4 Console? Comment below and let us know.

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