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Baby Bathing Tips from expert midwife Susannah Wheeler

To celebrate the imminent arrival of William and Kate’s baby which is due any time now, we thought we’d give the Royal Mum and Dad to be a few helpful bathing tips for their new arrival.

We asked expert midwife Susannah Wheeler for her top tips and she gave us these exclusive tips below.

We’re sure the royal couple (and every new mum and dad) will find these tips extremely helpful.

  • When bathing your baby begin by cleaning their face first with wet cotton wool, and then wet their hair. This should be done before fully submerging the baby’s body.
  • Babies lose 30% of their body heat directly from their heads; once you have washed your baby’s face and head you should dry these areas and then go on to wash their body.
  • For your baby’s first bath I always tell my new mums to make sure they have a comb on hand. There can be a lot of gunk left over from, birth especially if they have a good head of hair. Wetting the head thoroughly and then gently combing through is an easy method.
  • This may seem like an obvious one, but make sure you are bathing your baby in a draft free area. When babies become cold they very quickly begin to burn calories which will prevent them from gaining weight.
  • Babies can easily become sore from moisture on their skin if not dried correctly; make sure you are gently drying all the little creases like the groin area, under arms and behind the knees.

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