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BabyCup To Help Fight Tooth Decay


Recent studies have shown that open cups are better for babies oral health as it helps to fight tooth decay.

New British brand ‘Babycup’ are being praised for their open baby cups by many in the medical industry after recent research concludes that open baby cups help to fight tooth decay.

Lynette Anear, NHS Oral health promoter says;-  “This little cup is perfect for baby’s first tastes of water at weaning time. It is just the right size for little hands and promotes drinking from a rim, which is so important for oral development.  Babycup should be for sale everywhere so that it becomes a normal part of the weaning process”

With a very simple design, making the cups just that – an open baby cup that is miniature in size making it ideal for small hands to hold onto.  It helps to encourage children to drink from the rim and its expert design is being hailed as the next big thing for babies.

Made from non toxic BPA free materials, this may seem simple, but the precision of the design is what makes the cup so encouraging for parents across the country.

“As well as the dental and jaw health benefits of not having to suck on a spout, my children’s fine motor skills have developed amazingly from learning to hold a Babycup.  My youngest’s pencil grip at 11 months was better than many 5 year olds.”  said creator & mother of three, Sara Keel.

Will you be encouraging your baby to use babycup? Share your thoughts below.

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