Babydolls For Boys?

Sweden have created a gender free christmas toy catalogue which features girls holding Nerf n Strike Guns and boys holding baby dolls.

Every child is different and some girls enjoy playing with tractors while some boys enjoy playing with jewellery makers and this magazine embraces each childs uniqueness.

In the catalogue are pictures of both boys and girls playing with different types of toys, not necessarily toys that you think are gender approporiate.

Jan Nyberg, sales director at Top Toy says:

“We’ve received training and guidance from the ombudsman, and as a consequence the catalogues are completely different this year.  With the new way of thinking about gender there is nothing that is right or wrong. A toy is not a boy or girl thing; it’s a toy for children.  We wanted to learn about this because we believe this is the future, and now we know how to deal with gender in toy catalogues,” he added. “It was a pretty big step to change the whole way we advertise.”

One thing is for sure, this controversial move by Top Toy is set to make headlines.

Would you encourage santa to bring your son a baby doll? or your daughter a toy gun?

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