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Back to School Backpack Checklist

Now that school will soon reopen it could be a good time to run through your school backpack checklist.

It’s not just pens and pencils that should be in there, there’s a few other items you’ll need.

Schoolbags can become very heavy and carrying excess items that they’ll never use adds considerably to the weight they carry around on their shoulders.

Firstly take a look at what they carried around with them last term and remove unused articles.

But what should you include in their backpack? Here are our suggestions:

  • Pencil case – filled with any necessary stationery
  • Calculator
  • Homework jotter/books
  • Folder
  • PE Kit (when required)
  • mobile phone
  • glasses (if required)
  • Lunch box & Drinks bottle
  • Snacks for break (healthy options including dried fruit, nuts,etc)
  • Pack of Tissues
  • Spare Hair bobble
  • Any medicines they need to take regularly -(inform the school that these are with them)

Keep your list with you when out school shopping, that way you know you won’t forget any of the essentials.

A suggestion for parents on the school run, take a good book with you, you could be waiting for some time before they actually get into the car, at least you’ll have something great to read while you wait.

Get in touch with us below and tell us what essential items you put in their backpacks.

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