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Bah humbug! The Snowman author Raymond Briggs turns Scrooge

The Snowman which has been a festive favourite for more than 30 years creator admits he does not like Christmas and Spending Money.

Every family across the UK will know and love The Snowman film, however it seems Raymond Briggs now 78, who wrote the children’s book feels that the film versions is “a bit corny and twee, dragging in Christmas”.

The self confessed scrooge said the animated film is actually based on mortality and feels the season is over sentimental but carried on to say

“But it worked extremely well,”

Despite the book selling a huge 8.5 million copies, he lives a very penny-wise life and buys most of his clothes form local charity shops.

Airing on on Christmas Eve, The Snowman and Snowdog, which was written by Raymond Briggs will air at 8.00pm he said: “I’m not a fan of Christmas, although I support the principle of a day of feasting and presents, but the anxiety starts in October: how many are coming? Are they bringing grandchildren? How long will they stay?” .

The TV version of The Snowman has been screened on Channel 4 every year since 1982 and with new release The Snowman and Snowdog it seems this will carry on.

Briggs who admitted not reading many children’s books he said: “You can’t keep up with the damned things,”

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Are you a scrooge at Christmas? or do you love Christmas? Will you be watching The Snowman and Snowdog this Christmas Eve? Comment using the comments box below.

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