Banana’s In Pyjamas

Bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs…Everyone’s favourite bananas are back. B1 and B2 are twins from the hit show Banana’s In Pyjamas.

They go on fun and exciting adventures with their friends, Amy, Lulu, Morgan, Rat in a Hat, Bernard, Charlie and Topsy everyday. They live in the magical world of Cuddlestown and each of the episodes the Banana’s have different problems to try and solve.

The range of Bananas In Pyjamas toys follow the adventures that the twins and their friends go on. These toddlers toys are based on the hit TV show and you can expect playsets, plush toys and more. The TV show is a huge success and is currently aired on Channel 5 (you can catch up on the episodes here) with brand new episodes which features all of the characters and see’s them going on fun and exciting adventures as they help solve the problems in Cuddlestown.

B1 and B2: Everyone’s favorite banana’s in Cuddlestown. They are twins and love nothing more than going on adventures and visiting their friends.

Amy: She is the adventurous one of the group and tends to jump into things before she thinks them though. Amy is very competitive and always likes to win. She also loves to dance!

Lulu: The most sensible of all of the teddies, Lulu likes giving out orders but nobody minds too much as she is usually right. Lulu loves to look her best all of the time.

Morgan: This guy is always ready to help – as long as there is no hard work involved! Morgan just loves cooking (and eating what he has cooked) and he is very good friends with B1 and B2.

Rat in a Hat: He runs the local shop and sells almost everything – but it may not be what the characters in Cuddlestown want to buy. He plays lots of tricks and is always getting into trouble.

Bernard: He is an old hound from a famous dog family. He lives in the Barkington House and can be strict but his bark is worse than his bite. He can be very caring and loyal.

Charlie: Charlie is a monkey and he owns a big workshop. He loves to repair things and he is a ‘handy monkey’ who is always ready to help his friends;

Tospy: Topsy is a fun kangaroo who is sometimes a little but too noisy! She will always in a game and help her friends if the need it.

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