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Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse Talking Barbie

Looking like she just stepped off her show, Life in the Dreamhouse, Talkin’ Barbie features:

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  • Record your voice
  • Dressed in a sparkly outfit
  • Interactive
  • Suitable for age 3+
  • Batteries included
  • Available At Amazon UK

Who wouldn’t love to live life like Barbie?  Always dressed to impress in the hottest fashion around she always looks like she just stepped off the Paris fashion runway and with her popular web series Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse she’s living the high life.

Also known as Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Friendship Doll, she looks like she’s just stepped off set wearing her beautiful pink dress which has silver hearts over it which perfectly matches her accessories.

Everyone in the office had a giggle when I played back a message which I’d sneakily recorded earlier telling them to put down their coffee cups and get on with some work, all said in Barbie’s sweet voice.

Children will find it really easy to record their own personal messages, ( I did) just simply press the heart in the centre of Barbie’s belt and record their message, press another button and she’ll repeat, in her own voice, whatever was recorded.

At the touch of one of the other buttons she will say some of her favourite phrases from the show including “Off the Hook” and “Amaze”.

As always her beautiful long blond hair is styled to perfection, we still don’t know how she keeps it so nice and without tangles?

This girl loves bling, and her accessories sparkle just like her dazzling, sweet heart necked dress.   As always her shoes  match her outfit and this time she wearing an amazing pair of pink, open toed, platform shoes with ankle straps and very high heels –much as I admire her style I definitely couldn’t walk in those shoes, even though I’d like to!

To finish off her ensemble Barbie has chosen a hot pink belt, a glittery necklace and heart shaped purse which has her logo on it.

Looking like the film star she is, Talking Barbie is ready for any occasion.  You can join her and her friends at www.dreamhouse.barbie.com where you can catch up with heart throb Ken and watch some doll-tastic Dreamhouse episodes.

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