Barbie Puppy Play Park Play Set

You can help Barbie train and play the puppies with sound recognition, clapping motion and all of the puppy accessories. We were kindly sent this to review. Barbie Puppy Play Park set features:

  • Attractive play park
  • Large puppy is sound active
  • Barbie can clap her hands
  • Sound recognition

This product is no longer available. View other Barbie toys
You can join Barbie and help her train up those cute, yet playful puppies “outside” with the barbie puppy play park set. The first and larger two of the puppies is sound activated meaning you can press the lever on Barbie dolls back which will move her arms in a clapping motion or if you clap your own hands the pup will even come over to you or even go up and down the slide!

The second and smaller of the dog’s is not electronic but you can clip it onto the the bigger puppy and let the two play together with their ball and bone. As the older of the two is more obedient you may need to keep training the little one for some time. Both feature bobble heads and tails which really help bring the barbie puppy play park set to life.

When you look at the set you will notice how bright it is, the fencing from this set is pink with a big paw print on the gate. The paw print theme has also been placed on the side of the dog house which the purple slide connects too.

The puppy’s both have golden long hair and a pretty pink bow and collar too. Barbie is dresses in a lovely summery floral dress which of course is pink! She has her blonde statement hair and blue eyes.

The perfect Christmas toy for puppy-mad kids and Barbie fans a like.

What you will get inside the box

below is a list of what you will receive in the box when this toy arrives:

  • 1 x Barbie Puppy Play Park
  • 2 puppies
  • Barbie doll
  • ball and bone

Specifications for Barbie family puppy play park set

Below are the specifications including weight, height and age of puppy park play:

  • Boxed-product Weight: 621 g
  • Suitable for age 3 years+
  • Requires 3 AAA Batteries

Barbie Puppy Play Park Play Review

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This is no longer available.

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